View Homes

This is the fun Part!  Viewing homes will provide you with market knowledge specifically in the price range you are looking at. You can see what you can get for your budget and what is considered a good deal or not. Viewing homes you don't like isn't a waste of time; it helps build a reference for what you do like!

Write the Contract 


As a Buyer the best way to prepare for this step is usually done during the initial appointment . Where we go over a blank contract by reading through it together. This is so important because there are risks involved when you don't know what your doing with legally binding contracts. This will make it easier during the negotiating phase 


The Deposit

Deposits are a form of "good will" money, it shows the seller that you are serious with your offer and willing to put this money down. The deposit will be used to close the transaction - it goes towards the purchase of the home. The money will be kept in a trust with the appropriate brokerage until closing.