My Top Tips when looking for a Home

1. Don't Obsess about timing
Buyers and sellers attempt to anticipate the movement of the market, instead, your move should be about when you're ready.

2. Check your expectations
TV definitely has altered peoples perception of buying a home, as well as family and friends experiences can shade your perception. Trust your gut, trust the people that you're working with. Everyone's experience will be different, but learning about the process and the state of the market will help you set realistic expectations.

3. Keep your Emotions in check
Most people go through Buying or selling a home a few times in their lives. Buying a home is a huge investment, and buyers may put extra pressure on themselves to find the perfect home that meets all criteria. 

4. Do your research
Go Check out the neighborhoods you want to live in, think of how long you'd like to live in the home and write down the must-haves and deal breakers 

5. Rely on a Pro
You're not alone on your journey, I am here to answer questions, ease your concerns and guide you through the process. Call me anytime you have a concern. I'm never to busy for your questions or referrals.

β€œHome is where one starts from” - Oscar Wilde