Home Inspection

After the contract is fully accepted and all terms are agreed upon we enter the Subject Removal phase. The Home inspection is paid for by the buyer and will be preformed by a certified home inspector. This inspection will give a greater understanding of the property you are purchasing.   

Satisfy and Wave Buyer Conditions

After the contract has been signed and agreed uppon by both parties, deposit delivered to the sellers brokerage there will be a period a=of about 5 to 7 days to satisfy any negotiated conditions you set, such as home inspection, financing, ect. After this period of time you must either satisfy these conditions or waive them to make the agreement Unconditional. Once this is completed you are ready for the next steps to home ownership. 



Closing Documents

Now that the subjects have been removed, inspections preformed and mortgage approved, its time to sign the closing documents. this will be done with a laywer or notary of choosing. you will sign title documents, mortgage documents and bring your down payment. your lawyer/ notary will advise you on the final number needed to close. This usually happens a few days to a week before the agreed closing dates.