how i work with…



I am passionate about homes. I love being able to help people but and sell homes, for for a long time I have felt that there could be so much more to real estate than buying and selling.

A home in not just an investment- its a place of love, comfort, security, and privacy. Its the place you start your day and where you kiss your loved ones goodnight. Its a place that provides us a place to refresh, relax, learn and blossom into the in individuals that we are.

As a Real estate agent, I tend to wear multiple hats during the process: Coach, Counselor, advocate, confidant, and Friend, just to name a few.

I've laughed with clients and I've cried with my clients. I learn about who you are, and what you love most, and what your passions are. I have the privilege of helping my clients find that special place to call home. I LOVE what I do.


My Process for each Buyer includes:

Learning about my clients, I feel it's essential to get to know you, this allows me to better coach, counsel and advocate for you on a professional level.

  1. Help you comprehend the entire process from start to finish and beyond

  2. guide you to the best financial professionals that will work best with you.

  3. establish your Home criteria

Step two

  1. Conduct a comprehensive property search matching homes with your criteria and lifestyle

  2. Send you properties as they come on the market

  3. Co-ordinate home showings. I make myself available at times convenient for you.

Step three

  1. Offer objective advice and weigh investment potential, (I'm not there to make the sale, I'm here to serve your best interests and be your advocate)

  2. Once we have helped find the right home for you, we ensure that the property is priced accurately by researching recent comparable sales prior to drawing up an offer. I continually represent your interests throughout the negotiation process

  3. Guide you through the subject removal, inspection, negotiations and all the other aspects of purchasing a home.