In the Land of Tim Horton’s and the culture of grabbing a coffee, let's make a date and talk about your next move in Prince George. The forward-thinking, affordable city to the North. With restaurants that are a class of their own, lush greenery everywhere you look. Rain or Shine, Wind, and snow Prince George has it all.

Ashley Quickfall truly goes the extra mile when helping you find a home. She puts on her rubber boots and walked many a property with us. She thinks outside the box and cares about what you want. She is kind, well-spoken and very professional! She is the best realtor out there!
— Melanie Read

What I Do

As a Real Estate Agent, I tend to wear a lot of hats. Coach, Counselor, Advocate, Confidant, and Friend, just to name a few. I get to laugh with people, and I’ve cried with people, Some days i get to deliver the best news and others I’m the bearer of bad news. I like to learn about who my clients are, what they love most and what they are passionate about. I have the privilege of helping people find their special place to call home.